All Karasu bespoke jewellery is made to the customers specifications. You can come to us with a fully realised design or an idea that we work on together.  we will do a number of designs specially for you and we can work from there until we have found the perfect piece for you.

All bespoke pieces are one off works of art that will not be reproduced for any other clients. I aim to give a service that makes the piece you commission become a treasure that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Pair of His and Hers Wedding Bands in Sterling Silver

Photo by Fairytale Asylum Photography

Sterling Silver and Pyrite Bracelet

Photo by Fairytale Asylum Photography 

Day of the Dead Sterling Silver Skull Cufflinks

Photo by Fairytale Asylum Photography


Sterling Silver Ouroboros Snake Ring

Sterling Silver and Teal Topaz Engagement Ring

Sterling silver signet ring with N/S innitials.

Sterling Silver and Turquoise ring

Sterling silver ring with Fire Opal

18K Gold pendant with Rough Ruby , previously at Liberty's London

Sterling Silver and Tanzanite earrings with Psi detail.

8Oth Birthday / Infinity Pendant in Sterling silver with Emeralds

Sterling silver and Smokey Quartz ring

Spider Earrings in Sterling silver and Onyx

Sterling Silver and Lapiz Lazuli ring

Sterling silver and Emerald rings


  Denise Williams, London:

I commissioned Chris to design and create for me a bespoke pendant.  It represented huge sentimental significance to me so it was vital that Chris and I were on the same page in regards to the design. I described to him my conceptual ideas and with clarity and flair he translated my thoughts into a design that encompassed everything I wanted.

I was very eager for him to include his personal creative instincts within the process so was happy and confident leaving him to make decisions. However, he always took the time to talk through and explore options with me in order to make sure we created a high quality piece.

He worked perfectly to the budget I had given him and the time frame we had agreed. The final piece was absolutely beautiful and I have quite literally worn it every day since it was finished. Chris gives amazing attention to every aspect of his jewellery and has a unique and distinctive talent that is definitely reflected in his pieces. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone, as well as personally commission him again in the future.